Human Resource Planning – HRP

by admin on September 28, 2012

What crosses your mind whenever the word HRP is mentioned? This might sound like any simple process but believe me, a lot is involved here. By definition, the Human Resource Planning is a progressive systematic planning procedure undertaken to achieve optimal utilization of a business’ most valuable asset – human resources. The main target of human resource planning is to see to it that there exist a cordial condition between employees and tasks, while eliminating either the workforce deficits or surpluses.

There are three main elements components involved in the Human Resource planning process which includes estimating the work force requirement, analyzing present labour rendering, and balancing both the proposed labour demand and supply. The Human Resource planning needs to be very pliable enough to conform to short-run employees challenges, while at the same time adjusting to the varying conditions in the organization and the environment in general for a very longer period of time.

For your business whether small or how big it seems, having a business plan will help it succeed and overcome any potential challenges or risks. If you do not have experts in your organization who can carry on the Human Resource planning process effectively, then there is a need to hire experienced staff to help you with the Human Resources Planning. Moreover, you can even look for HRP guides of the internet where you can even get the HRP guides for free or at a considerable price. Here are some of the steps which you can follow during your HRP process. All these steps might look simple but they are the most important steps you can follow for Human Resource planning.

Design a Management System

You should first of all ensure that there is a properly working system which will be able to support the human resource planning process. Generally, the system’s target here is to handle human resources in line with the business’ goals. The system is the one which is responsible for the human resource plans, policies, processes and best practices.

Environmental Analytic Thinking

The most important thing before you even start the Human Resource planning process is to understand the what is involved in human resources management. The HR managers should be aware of both the internal and external surrounds. The external environment comprises of the universal status of the thriftiness, industry, technology and industrial rivalry, labour and many more. The Internal information expected covers both the long term and short term plans and strategies and the present condition of the business’ human resources.

Estimating the HR Demand

In this stage, estimation is to find out the count and type of employees needed in the time to come is done. The estimation considers the past and the current demands together with the future organizational directions. The best method to use in this stage is the bottom-up forecasting.

Analyse Supply

Here, qualified personnel can be hired from internal and external sources. Skill inventories method is the best technique used to maintain a record of internal supply. An estimate of the supply of employees projected to join the organization from external sources, given recent recruitment actions, is also a requirement.

Reconciliation and Planning

This is the final stage in the Human Resource planning process. It involves coming up with action programs based on the gathered data, analysis and available alternatives. The main goal is to ensure that the plans are acceptable to both top management and employees. Plans ought to be prioritized and their key participants and roadblocks to success named.

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